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Prashant Engineering our the Company has been a development holder in the conversion from straight to internationals quality standards throughout our business process. advanced plastic PVC - UPVC - CPVC Water pipeline installation of irrigation system piping and fittings products in the country. The Company's objective is to meet the growing needs of its clientele in water and waste management and in infrastructure sector through a specially designed high performance range of Plumbing piping products. Plumbing & Drainage Solutions installation, Agriculture Irrigation system - residential and commercial for Water Distribution Systems, Industrial Water Circulation System and Drainage Solutions "Water Way Brand" An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company Latest Technologies CNC Quality Control under the CNC Process Manufacturers of UPVC - CPVC pressure water pipeline and Pipe Fittings, UPVC-CPVC Brass Pipe Fittings, UPVC - CPVC - Plumbing Pipe Fittings for Elbow - Tee - Reducer - MTA - FTA - end-cap - Coupler - Bush - Socket Tank Nipple Manufacturers Agriculture Pipe Fittings Plastic - PVC - PP - Pipe Fitting - SWR PVC Pipeline Manufacturers is a product focussed concept, the best manufacturers as part of it’s team to develop any kind of niche products. produced by manufacturer worldwide. headquartered in Rajkot, Gujarat- India.