Since the commencement of our organization, quality standardization has always been our main objective. Our Company along with its skilled and dedicated work Additionally, offered products are securely tested on quality parameters to offer optimal usage. competitors which drives them to produce innovative product, UPVC - CPVC flexible pipe restructure manufacturing system and to undertake highly challenging tasks. As a result of continuous improvement and total quality management philosophy Company has developed many different models. The company is promoted by under the veteran visionary Mr. Dilip Patel & Mr. Rohit Patel encompassing years of experience in the manufacturing of industry


Prashant Engineering our company has been haven focused to attain high standards with respect to client satisfaction. Our the years, adherence are one of the leading and trustworthy UPVC - CPVC - Pipe and pipes Fitting Equipment - UPVC - CPVC flexible pipe manufacturers in experienced and highly qualified industries.
installation of irrigation system Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride CPVC - UPVC is a thermoplastic produced by special CNC Stringent with specification material available in various models and designs according to the requirements of customers need Manufactured. Salient features of UPVC - CPVC Pipe and Fittings manufacturing outlet

  • 100% dimensional inspection accurate   components Random inspection
  • Reliability Excellent durability   Long life and leak proof
  • Light weight - Easy to install   Less wear resistance - Non toxic